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The effects of summer on your docks and boat lift

Summer, especially summer in the Lowcountry, can be brutal on many things. Have you ever seen a lawn chair that has sat out in the sun way too long and starts to get brittle and crack? Your patio furniture is not the only thing in your backyard that needs to be taken care of. Your dock and boat lift also become worn and sun beaten after years of exposure to all seasons. The wood can start to splinter, the cables become frail from all the salt exposure, everything ages.

As your dock ages the deck boards can start to crack and give way. It is important to have deck boards inspected and replaces to they don't fall in as you're walking on them. Pilings also get worn out with sun and salt constantly beating them. Sometimes a piling can start to fail under water without you even noticing until it's causing much more damage. We offer a dock inspection where you will receive a list of everything that needs attention as well as quotes for how much it will all cost.

Before and After dock pressure wash and stain

Boat lifts need to be maintained every 6 months to ensure proper function. A boat lift that has become worn out can be deadly. The cables could snap as the boat is going up dumping the boat and the passengers into the water. We offer a convenient service program with a yearly fee to get your lift serviced every 6 months.

Boat lift cables snapped.

There are things you can do on your own to keep your marine equipment and dock lasting longer. Keeping lift hosed off after lowering into the water will reduce the time it takes for the salt to wear down the cables. Rinse off decking occasionally and sweep away pollen that can get into the cracks of the wood. In general keeping your stuff clean will increase the longevity. And when it does start to age and go out get a professional to repair it.

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